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It’s Canvey Island circa 1978 and Robin Goodfellow is struggling to launch his new disco, The Goldmine, with his star DJ, Oberon, and his promotions princess Titania. The business is threatened by the local Essex gangster, ‘Duke of the manor’, Thesius Evans, who wants his share of the action. The Goldmine’s principle dancers, Lysander & Helen, come up with a plan to promote the mid-summer party, the biggest club night of the year, by bringing in the hottest international disco act, Hippolyta, The Amazon Queen, fresh from her world tour. Billed as New York, Paris, Rio, Canvey, what could possibly go wrong?LAUNCHING THIS SEPTEMBER




The Goldmine, is a nostalgic flash back to the party times of 1978 and the height of the disco era. It's a feelgood celebration of simpler times.  It's an adaptation of Shakaespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream set in a Boogie Wonderland. 

Read the script, play the songs:





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